Creational patterns

Creational patterns prescribe the way that objects are created. These patterns are used when a decision must be made at the time a class is instantiated. Typically, the details of the classes that are instantiated — what exactly they are, how, and when they are created — are encapsulated by an abstract superclass and hidden from the client class, which knows only about the abstract class or the interface it implements. The specific type of the concrete class is typically unknown to the client class.


  • Abstract Factory: Creates an instance of several families of classes

  • Builder: Separates object construction from its representation

  • Factory Method: Creates an instance of several derived classes

  • Object Pool: Avoid expensive acquisition and release of resources by recycling objects that are no longer in use

  • Prototype: A fully initialized instance to be copied or cloned

  • Singleton: A class of which only a single instance can exist


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