Inter Portlet Communication

JSR 286 defines two different means for coordination between portlets:

  • Events : Support for active notifications with action capabilities to the portlet.
  • Public render parameters: Support for sharing of view state across portlets.

Both have there advantages. Following are some of the important features of both.

Public render parameters:

  • They are limited to simple string values.
  • They do not require explicit administration to set up coordination.
  • They cause no performance overhead as the number of portlets sharing information grows.
  • They can be set from links encoded in portal themes and skins.

Portlet events:

  • They can contain complex information.
  • They allow fine-grained control by setting up different sorts of wires between portlets (on-page or cross-page, public or private).
  • They can trigger cascaded updates with different information. For example, portlet A can send event X to portlet B, which in turn sends a different event Y to portlet C.
  • They cause increasing processing overhead as the number of communication links grows.

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