Creating New Theme in IBM Portal 6.1

Here we will see how to create new theme in IBM portal 6.1.

Theme folder – /<portalroot>/IBM/WebSphere/wp_profile/installedApps/<node>/wps.ear/wps.war/themes/html

Folder Portal/PortalWeb2 is the default theme provided by IBM.

How to install New Theme?

  1. Copy any one folder Portal/Portal2 depending on your need.
  2. Rename (eg. yourtheme) and Paste the same in the same hierarchy as other folders. (Note :- both the nodes if doing in clustered environment.)
  3. For registering/importing the yourtheme as a new theme in portal follow as below:

Importing a theme


 <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>




type=”update” create-oids=”true”>

<portal action=”locate”>

<!–This is a sample for deploying themes and skins in an XML script. Note that this script creates the database entries only; you must provide the rendering JSPs under the resource root directories specified in the XML.–>

<skin action=”update” active=”true” objectid=”NoSkin” uniquename=”” resourceroot=”NoSkin” >

<localedata locale=”en”>


<description>A skin with no skin</description>



<theme action=”update” active=”true” defaultskinref=”NoSkin” uniquename=”ibm.portal.theme.Your_Theme” resourceroot=”yourtheme“>

<localedata locale=”en”>



<!–You can combine only one skin with this theme.–>

<allowed-skin skin=”NoSkin” update=”set”/>





uniquename=”ibm.portal.theme.Your_Theme” – Unique name

resourceroot=”yourtheme” – It will look for yourtheme folder with same folder/files hierarchy required for theme

<title>Your_Theme</title> – Name that will be displayed in Portal Administrator UI

  1. Login to WebSphere Portal
  2. Select Administration > Import XML.
  1. Select DeployYourTheme.xml and click Import.
  2. Select Administration > Themes and Skins.


  1. Select the new theme and click Edit Theme.
  2. Select the IBM – portal default skin and click Add > OK.
  3. When creating new page theme selection option will show new theme.

Clicking the view on the side will show a pop up with the theme layout described.






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